>>> Name Barney Calhoun
>>> Age 25
>>> Birth June 12
>>> Height 5'6" (168cm)
>>> Gender transmasc man
>>> Pronouns he/him
>>> Sexuality gay
>>> Source Blue Shift


An everyman. He appointed himself head of the Calhouns, yet it's clear the responsibility takes its toll on him. He's kind, but takes no shit, and is quick to call out nonsense when he sees it. He's street smart over book smart, and, while expressing interest in aliens, always expresses disdain when he comes into contact with them. He does not get along with small animals --- other than the chumtoad he adopted. Bugs gross him out. His jokes can run dark when the situation calls for it. He seems to be perpetually trying to lighten the mood. Enjoys a cold beer at the end of the day.

>>> Name Barmey Calhoun
>>> Age 25
>>> Birth April 6
>>> Height 5'4" (163cm)
>>> Gender transmasc man
>>> Pronouns he/him
>>> Sexuality bisexual
>>> Source Barney's Mind


Barmey is... catty, for lack of better word. He loves to complain about OSHA violations and callout the stupidity around him, then turn around and make a stupid decision himself. But there is genuine care in his heart for his friends, and he's not afraid to express it. He's sarcastic and mean, but it's subdued, and only ever really comes out when you get to know him. He's easy to push around; ask him for something, and he'll likely give it to you. He doesn't cause many problems, as he only ever wants to eat, play games, or sleep. Completely out of left field, he's a talented pilot and a decent baker. Who would've guessed?

>>> Name Benrey "Benry" Benrey
>>> Age n/a
>>> Birth March 5
>>> Height 5'3" (160cm)
>>> Gender nonbinary
>>> Pronouns he/they/it
>>> Sexuality n/a
>>> Source HLVRAI


Benrey's hard to pin down. He's pretty apathetic towards everyone, more interested in playing games or messing with people than anything else. IPS and Buggy seem to get along with it in a strange, but understandable way. Treat Benrey like a bad guy, and he'll become one: but without the tense (and comical) environment of a resonance cascade, the influence to be "bad" has faded away. He just wants to play games and have fun, and I don't think anyone can fault them for that.

>>> Name Beauty Calhoun
>>> Age 25
>>> Birth June 12
>>> Height 6'5' (196cm)
>>> Gender trans and genderqueer
>>> Pronouns any
>>> Sexuality pansexual
>>> Source Original & Safe-ish Ver.


Beauty is nicer than her counterpart... marginally. Where Gorgeous is mean, Beauty doesn't really care --- though, he's not afraid to verbally assault anyone who looks at him funny. Together, the two are a disaster waiting to happen. Beauty is snarky and likes to gossip. When observed, they seem to care for their fellow Calhouns in a way that might be called "sweet". He's got their backs, even if he pretends he doesn't. It's funny to watch her vehemently deny it. They're also a skilled liar and social engineer, though there rarely is a need for him to show off those abilities.

>>> Name Molly Kalhun
>>> Age 25
>>> Birth
>>> Height
>>> Gender transfem woman
>>> Pronouns she/her
>>> Sexuality polyam pansexual
>>> Source Google Translate Edition


Molly is a hobbit. How and why, no one knows; asking if Middle Earth exists in "Google Translate Edition" only leads to garbled responses. Molly has been called "clinically silent," and speaks with her hands. The language barrier remains even when signed. Freeman has expressed his frustration with the strange syntax and mirrored movements. But Molly seems fantastic at getting points across with body language. She's surprisingly serious (in comparisson to Cicero), and determined to follow things through. Very homebody oriented, seems to enjoy chores. Occasionally, she can be seen fidgetting with a ring around her neck. I think it makes the others nervous; as the universe becomes more entangled, are we going to run into an incomprehensible Sauron?

>>> Name Combarn
>>> Age 45
>>> Birth barney bd
>>> Height barney height
>>> Gender transmasc man
>>> Pronouns he/him
>>> Sexuality aspec gay
>>> Source AUs


lore ipsum whatever

>>> Name Gee-man
>>> Age ???
>>> Birth ???
>>> Height 6'5" (196cm)
>>> Gender agender
>>> Pronouns he/they/it
>>> Sexuality aspec
>>> Source AUs


Once, he appeared to me in my home, and asked if I knew what I was doing. At least, I think it asked me --- its mouth never moves, but I knew the intent. He seems intrested in catalogs... or, at least, collecting. I've seen him put things in his briefcase before. Freeman says he's been in there, and that he's made a deal with Gee-man... though, about what, neither will say. Gee-man is tight lipped about its personal business... though it doesn't appear to be antagonistic in any way --- merely observes.

>>> Name Buggy
>>> Age ???
>>> Birth ???
>>> Height fluctuating
>>> Gender agender
>>> Pronouns he/they
>>> Sexuality n/a
>>> Source Dev Tools


lore ipsum here

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