>>> Name Gordon Freeman
>>> Age 27
>>> Birth Nov 19
>>> Height 6'1" (185cm)
>>> Gender transmasc man
>>> Pronouns he/him
>>> Sexuality bisexual
>>> Source Half-Life


A patient man who views the world through a logical lense. A scientist through and through --- though he has a soft spot for things like bugs, physics, sci-fi, and aliens. He'll use facial expressions to emphasize his sign, but he is not very emotive. Though kind and willing to sacrifice himself at the drop of a hat, within him lies a cruel streak that he's not afraid of showing. He's slightly unhinged, but he's one of the more mentally and emotionally stable Freeman. He brings order to the rest of the Freemen --- they seem to respect (or fear) him.

>>> Name Gordon Freemind
>>> Age 27
>>> Birth Dec 3
>>> Height 5'10" (177cm)
>>> Gender unlabelled
>>> Pronouns he/him
>>> Sexuality biromantic asexual
>>> Source Freeman's Mind


A self-absorbed smartass who's pessimistic and paranoid. Just like the rest of the Freemen, he is a scientist --- though he uses his knowledge to claim superiority over others. While he can be cruel and petty, it's important to note that he is not entirely a jackass. He's silly, afraid of muppets, loves pirates, and prone to singing songs and making various noises. He's an anarchist with a love of alcohol, drugs, and firearms. He is very obviously in the closet. None of the other Freemen seem to respect him or his opinions much, unless he drops the antagonistic act --- which he does very rarely.

>>> Name "Martini" Feetman
>>> Age 27
>>> Birth March 5
>>> Height 6'3" (191cm)
>>> Gender transmasc man
>>> Pronouns he/him
>>> Sexuality bisexual
>>> Source HLVRAI


Martini seems to be the most uptight out of everyone, and I don't put that lightly. Consistently, he seems the shortest tempered, as even Freemind will walk away from arguments he deems pointless only two retorts in. He's divorced, but he doesn't really talk about his ex; instead, he focuses on Joshua, who he's a bit protective over. He's stubborn, argumentative, but good and funny. He plays games in his downtime. When he's not at work, he's streaming, which, to be honest, I don't see a future in. He seems perpetually tired. When he's not stressed out, he's playing the straight man for the other Freemens antics... which stresses him out.

>>> Name Gorgeous Freeman
>>> Age 27
>>> Birth May 8
>>> Height 7' (213cm)
>>> Gender genderqueer
>>> Pronouns any
>>> Sexuality pansexual
>>> Source Original & Safe-ish Ver.


Almost anyone who encounters Gorgeous is utterly enamored by him --- and he'll smile and flash his perfect teeth as if that is how the world is supposed to work. Other than being beautiful, Gorgeous has terrifying strength; she'a not afraid to use it. In fact, they seem to lack restraint, caring more about themselves then the safety of others. Seemingly immune to bullets and explosions, Gorgeous going rogue would be disastrous to mankind as we know it. Some assume his beauty means he is flirtatious and charming, but Gorgeous is... cruel. Crueler than cruel. And they always use brawns over brain.

>>> Name Cicero Fryman
>>> Age 27
>>> Birth Nov 29
>>> Height 6'4" (193cm)
>>> Gender transmasc man
>>> Pronouns he/they
>>> Sexuality polyam pansexual
>>> Source Google Translate Edition


Cicero is a joy to know and a pain to understand. The langauge barrier is frustrating to everyone, including Cicero. They doesn't seem to know much about theoretical physics, but instead marine biology, and has extensive (and garbled) knowledge about all aquatic creatures. He's kind and talkative; gets into hyperactive moods when surrounded by the correct people. He gets along with everyone, but Freerun and Gorgeous seem to have the ability to flawlessly understand him, and will translate if they're in the right mood. What is quite obvious is his romantic pining and dreamy sighs. He's lovelorn for something none of us understand.

>>> Name Gordon Freerun
>>> Age 27
>>> Birth Nov 19
>>> Height 5'7" (170cm)
>>> Gender transmasc man
>>> Pronouns he/him
>>> Sexuality bisexual
>>> Source Speedruns


How Freerun has not keeled over from a caffiene and/or cocaine overdose... none of the research team know. What we DO know, is that Freerun is a handful to deal with. Unless medicated, he is physically incapable of sitting still for longer than two minutes. He runs everywhere he goes, often barrelling through others with little regard for anyone's safety. He talks in run-on sentances and is usually pretty cheerful unless he "messed up" his "run". He has an extreme aptitude for physics, calculating trajectories in his head at breakneck speeds. His goal in life is to be the fastest. He told me he admires Sonic, and his only critique was that he needed to focus more on running than quipping.

>>> Name Gordon Freebine
>>> Age 47
>>> Birth Nov 19
>>> Height 6'1" (185cm)
>>> Gender transmasc man
>>> Pronouns he/it
>>> Sexuality aspec bisexual
>>> Source HL:FLC & AUs


Whatever world Freebine came from was not kind to him. He's a soldier, trained, enhanced to kill without hesitation --- which he does so swiftly... but not cleanly. In a non-combat situation, it's despondant, reclusive, keeping to itself and itself alone. Watching him skulk about silently, you can't help but feel bad for him. Like Freeman, he signs, but unlike Freeman, he rarely has anything to say. He simply watches life unfold, perhaps trying to remember when he was so young. I doubt it can remember much of anything. It seems almost... lost. Aimless. Lonely. I think it takes solace in the fact it's not alone, even if it doesn't communicate how it feels at all.

>>> Name Gordon Freecat
>>> Age 27
>>> Birth Aug 27
>>> Height 6'2" (188cm)
>>> Gender troll
>>> Pronouns he/him
>>> Sexuality fucker
>>> Source why, gordon?


Freecat is... strange. He seems simultaneously smarter than he lets on, but also dumb as a bag of rocks. His love of drugs is only rivaled by Freemind. Most everything slides off him like water, and even he doesn't even seem to fully grasp much of anything --- which is to say... he never takes anything seriously. Calling him amoral would be incorrect. He does have some sort of compass, but it's dictated by what he finds funny or entertaining. Boredom is his enemy. If he is not engaged in an activity, he should be considered a threat. Despite this, he can be reasoned with, though he usually only complies if things are skewed in his favor.

>>> Name Gee-man
>>> Age ???
>>> Birth ???
>>> Height 6'5" (196cm)
>>> Gender agender
>>> Pronouns he/they/it
>>> Sexuality aspec
>>> Source AUs


Once, he appeared to me in my home, and asked if I knew what I was doing. At least, I think it asked me --- its mouth never moves, but I knew the intent. He seems intrested in catalogs... or, at least, collecting. I've seen him put things in his briefcase before. Freeman says he's been in there, and that he's made a deal with Gee-man... though, about what, neither will say. Gee-man is tight lipped about its personal business... though it doesn't appear to be antagonistic in any way --- merely observes.

>>> Name Info_Player_Start
>>> Age ???
>>> Birth ???
>>> Height fluctuating
>>> Gender agender
>>> Pronouns it/its
>>> Sexuality n/a
>>> Source Dev Tools


IPS is an interesting case in that it seems to have a difficult time understanding anything that is not binary --- which is funny, considering the rest of the Freemen are anything but. Its form is highly unstable, able to tower over the facility or shrink to travel through wires (optic and copper). It has emotions, though its ability to express them are limited. It seems to enjoy MIDIs and compressed images. Once, it displayed a fuzzy jpeg of a rollercoaster on my screen as a request to be attached to an email and sent to our mail server.

>>> Name Gordon Freemercy
>>> Age 27
>>> Birth March 26
>>> Height ??
>>> Gender transmasc man
>>> Pronouns he/him/they
>>> Sexuality aroace
>>> Source Saving Every Scientist


Despite what one may think, Freemercy is not a pacifist. They have no issue with mowing down anyone or anything that threatens their definiton of "Good." He speaks kindly, respecting those around him, and always ensures safety of his cohorts through extrordinary abilities. It is almost as if humanity's will to live on was given life in the form of Freemercy. One who doubts his optimistic words would quickly change their opinion once seeing Freemercy in action. They give off an almost angelic aura. Truly, Freemercy has earned the title "Savior of Humanity."

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