seattle's going under

seattle's going under is my award winning emmy nominated fanfic series involving gordon freemind and barmey calhoun. what if they actually knew each other in the series? what if they even... kissed? i think it would be cool. so i wrote about it. YAY!
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to seattle

to seattle (26,381 words)
Chapters: 7
Rating: mature
Relationships: barmey calhoun/gordon freemind
Characters: barmey calhoun, gordon freemind
Additional Tags: touch-starved gordon freemind, road trips, sharing a bed, sexual tension, suggestive themes, requited love, dorks in love, getting together, friends to lovers, barmey is down bad, some fluff, kinda silly, light angst, men would rather confess their feelings in the most convoluted way than get a therapist

Freemind bullies Barmey into driving him to Seattle for unclear (...maybe even nefarious?) reasons. Barmey isn't sure, but he knows this: no way it's going to end well. Nothing ever really does when Freemind is involved.
Or, Freemind struggles to express himself in a way that Barmey can understand. Barmey... doesn't understand much. They go on a road trip!

out like a light

out like a light (61,807 words)
Chapters: 9
Rating: mature
Relationships: barmey calhoun/gordon freemind, felix freeman & gordon freemind
Characters: barmey calhoun, gordon freemind, felix freeman, original characters
Additional Tags: (the original characters are barmey's family), (felix is only in the last chapter), established relationship, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, insecurity, anxiety, paranoia, implied sexual content, drug abuse, childhood trauma, alcohol, drug withdrawal, sickfic, lack of communication, freemind has mental health issues, happy ending (I promise!)

After his father up and dies, Barmey travels to his hometown in South Carolina. Freemind tags along; he’s actually trying to make their new relationship work!

…but it's difficult when he doesn't know how and his brain is actively working against him.