Freeman's Mind follows Gordon Freeman, known by the fandom as Gordon Freemind. He's a neurotic, paranoid, mean, self-centered, creepy, sarcastic, and apathetic LOSER! He's judgemental, yet still very dorky. His wit is as dry as his dick, as the only bitches he scores are desperate to get laid. No one wants him. He sucks big time. Straight up geekazoid. He would never abuse substances, he loves substances! (He's on opioids and is an alcoholic.)

He fights his way through the first and second game of Half-Life, surviving the resonance cascade, alien onslaught, soldiers, ninjas... all while trying to keep his sanity. He's not as angry or violent as the fanon version of him makes him out to be. He's stressed (just like most Freemen are) and just trying to make it out alive. Is he a good guy? No, not really. Is he Mr. Kills-a-lot who constantly yells at the top of his lungs? Nope!

Despite being a very unpleasant person, he worms his way into your heart as a smarmy, smart-ass bastard. So I made a shrine. This is my Freeman's Mind Shrine. He loves to be in my shrine.


What's that, you ask? It's BARMEY X FREEMIND! I could make an entire shrine to buttermind. It means so much to me. There's something about Gordon, the troubled man he is, feeling at ease from someone whose just... not like him at all. No criminal record. No drug usage. No degrees. No accolades. Just some guy... some guy who genuinely admires and loves Gordon for who and what he is. No "I can fix him"s or "You need to change"s. They're just two self-centered dickwads who care about eachother. And Gordon... he's cautious, of course, but he just can't help but relax around Barney. Can't help but feel secure in his arms. And maybe Gordon loves him, but he's not sure what that feels like, and when it comes to those feelings, he can't ever get his words right. But that's okay. Barney will say "I love you" enough for the both of them.