you. third party. harvesting my data. scraping my words. are you doing recon?
god knows it's easy with the internet culture of pasting every little detail
about yourself into neat carrds and handy bios. i don't have to confess anything.
and neither do you, so don't feel compelled to. the world expects us to be forthcoming.
they teach us closed off people are lonely and weird. maybe we're just worried, is all.
it makes me sick if i think about it too long.
besides. i've made this easy for you. this is my site; there's plenty of personality here already.
even in the janky code. you want my personality type or my zodiac or whatever? you tell me.
i've already commited the sin of sharing ideas. with this paragraph alone, you could get a decent read
on the hands behind the words. we are all flawed in that way.
expect random haitus and the occasional moment of weakness.

they/it. "sheppy" feels The current mood of sheppy at