Title: A Stitch In Time
Author: Andrew J. Robinson
Series: Deep Space Nine
Novel Number: 27
Date: 5 June 2000
ISBN: 0-671-03885-0

"I hope that someday you'll have the opportunity to see it. Nothing would please me more. You're always welcome, Doctor."

If you love Garak, you'll love this novel. After Garak's many lies throughout DS9, even if they were as true as Garak claims they were, it's nice to get the boldfaced truth from him. Or is it true?? To be, it feels that way. It's an autobiography sent to Julian Bashir. And if it's the truth, then by god is this intimate. Also reccomend for Garashir fans, as it gives more insight to Elim.

If you recognize the name Andrew Robinson, that's because that's Garak himself! From my brief research (reading his wiki page) he doesn't seem to be a professional writer. I think there are fleeting moments when this is clear. BUT it doesn't detract over all, and the number of wonderful passages and dialogue wholly trumps any occasionaly awkward phrasing. I'm not an art critic --- my work is flawed, feel free to read it heheheh --- and honestly I think it adds overall to the story.  I should mention I have difficulty reading sometimes and any "problems" actually only exist in my head.....

My only "complaint" is that Andrew Robinson is famously pro-queer Garak and in this novel, there's nothing overt. He's moved by art, he loves to garden, he's a simple tailor. I say this... BUT...:

  1. he often refers to his relationships with women as friends, despite whatever emotional and/or romantic and/or sexual feelings he has.  The good doctor is also his friend.
  2. while he has his woman friends, its Julian who he's giving this autobiography to. And from a man of secrets? That is intimate. (he's also cranky and jealous that Julian is hanging out with o'brien and the holosuite more than him. so take that as you will.)
  3. there's a part where Garak gets beat up and interrogated by a man and he feels pleasure. because of the wire. but like....  hm........... and chokes him to death/kills him in very close quarters ... a very intimate kind of death, yeah? ..... hmmm...

anyways. its not explicitly stated but when youre married to secrecy and you write an autobiography and send it to the guy you want to fuck. well. thats romance i think. now i need to listen to the audio book ver because that HAS to add another layer to it. im sure for tje same reasons Garak couldnt be queer in the show is the same reason its not more overt here. glares at rick berman. its ok . i picked up on it. i need to read it again to absorb it.


Title: Deep Domain
Author: Howard Weinstein
Series: The Original Series
Novel Number: 33
Date: 1 March 1987
ISBN: 0-671-70549-0

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