i'm sheppy.
i like to write, draw, and shitpost. they/them.
do oyu like half-life? freemanverse? mindverse?
hlvrai? shitposting? having fun? collecting stuff?
me too ! ! ! welcome to my site ! find me here:

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i'm starting to suspect i'm aplatonic. i just found out about platonic attraction and i'm so confused... i vaguely knew squishes were a thing, but because the word "crush" was used in the definition, i just thought being aromantic meant i couldn't feel it (despite it being an AROMANTIC TERM). being asexual? fine. aromantic? it's touchy for me. aplatonic on top of all of that? every day i discover i'm more and more robotic --- except in the ways i actually want to be a robot. i'll look into it further, but just like when i found the term "aromantic", this strongly (uncomfortably) resonates within me. sighs...

i don't know if i'll ever be able to capture my feelings in words or pictures, but i can try at least. i think we all have these devastated pieces of ourselves that we want to share through means we are comfortable with. i'd like to be good someday.

old music html done. not that that's much of an achievement or anything, teehee. just wait till i start whipping out the esoteric and experimental music :3

fun page "done"! i didn't have anything on it to begin with so. so... at least there's something there now...

no longer do you have to go between my resources! they are are on one handy page thanks to the power of CSS! hooray !... now i just need to add all the resources i've been collecting in the meantime... ugh. i'm lazy. i'll update them later... but still, check it out! very snazzy :3

got the writing main page done.... still haven't done the SGU page though. sighs. not sure how to make it look based and cool yet... i'll figure it out. oh well.

this layout is way more based, huh? more cool even? i'll slowly update all the other pages :3

site to-do list

  • make/finish remaining pages
    • ocs main page?
      fun page
  • finish freemanverse "wiki"
  • make my first shrine
  • start mindverse proj
  • become cool
  • make tutorials?