i'm sheppy.
i like to write, draw, and shitpost. they/them.
do oyu like half-life? freemanverse? mindverse?
hlvrai? shitposting? having fun? collecting stuff?
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i think i should try doing an rss feed. umm. idk . theres much to do . i want to redo the freemanverse stuff because it looks sucks to me. maybe if it looks cool i'll actually want to finish it. but im not sure where i want to go with it; maybe something terminal-like? the problem would then be providing pictures that fit the theme... sighs. i also recently hardened my firefox and all gifs are so fucked lol

i think icome off as strange and offputting . from recent events. and the past events. hmmmmmmm. i dont think im all that strange!

they shoulde invent a social media/blogging platform/public discord server that doesn't make you take immediate psychic damage upon opening said application or website... i think i'm just psionically sensitive. like oh yeah i'd love to engage with people who share my interests in a public setting! unfortunately, The Curse

i love sozo. i love sozo. i love sozo. i love sozo. i love sozo. i love sozo. i love sozo. i love sozo. i love sozo. i love sozo. i love sozo. i love sozo. i love sozo. i love sozo. i love sozo. i love sozo.

STAR TREK page,,,.. with iframes ... fancy...

i need to get better with computers or else i will explode and die. also a bunch of new links added ^_^

social media is upsetting me again FOR NO REASON its actually so stupid and dumb. i wonder if i should start keeping a physical (not digital) journal. would that help. it didn't help kafka. this is why i thrived on pinterest and not anywhere else. the urge to run away never ceases, some days it's just stronger than others. i've been sharing my feelings more this past month just because of how loose-lipped its making me, and i'd rather it be here than anywhere else. i gathered a lot of resources and links today in my webventures, so i have plenty of bookmarks to unload. i also added a few things but not TOO much. i'd like to join some webrings, maybe? but that makes me nervous. i want to explode. i'm overreacting.

i realized this pretty recently, but i can't tell when people are bored of me talking or typing (which i can do a copious amount of if prompted), so i usually just assume everyone is bored and doesn't care what i have to say, which is why i try to keep what i have to say brief... when i can. and then that's why i feel bad when i talk or type too much, i feel like i'm bothering everyone and any signs of engagement is just the other party being polite, because i also do the nodding and the "uh-huh, yeah" (that's how you appear engaged). you're not supposed to think of questions when people are talking, i read that somewhere. things move so quickly, and there's so much to unpack and nowhere to put it and no time to do anything. i tend to overtalk and overshare on accident (BAD OPSEC!!!!!) because gauging the amount of information to say on the fly can be difficult, and it seems to vary on a daily basis of how put together i am in a social situation. the war of irony, honesty, and opsec wages on.

>_< !!!

i feel erratic >_< !!! it's like if spaghetti noodles were live snakes wriggling through your fingers and you can't get a good hold of anything... and everytime i try to research maybe WHY i feel this way and how to manage it, it's been majorly unhelpful. guy who likes to collect resources yet still unable to find the one it needs to continue functioning at a tolerable level . sigh ! we'll figure something out.

added neighbors to fun! finally. good lord. hi buddies! also 35k views WOW. I don't really know how neocities views works but. good lord x2! is it for my awesome list of resources? be honest. i got some good stuff there don't i . hehe. im gonna assume the website counter is more accurate. almost 2k! good lordx3! lol. this personal project is fun and its been keeping me sane :)

added art gallery .

omg . i keeep thinking everyone is mad at me or hatesme or somehting . GAH . it's embarassing because you dont want to ask people if theyre mad at you . because they ARENT . and then they'll feel like they have to walk on eggshells for you or something . skittish animal behavior. tolerance for brain shenanigans ebbs and flows like the tides. push too much and theres jellyfish, OUCH ! or nudibranchs, pretty but still OUCH! endless cycle (reference).... HARD RESET! . return to baseline !! >:( ..counter-spell time

wish i was a robot

bunch of new resources in links. more to come as i stumble across them. may the new years desolation pass as all things do.

my fellows

it will never not be funny to me that i made an oc in middle school to be my "literally me" character and then only years later I realized he's neurodivergent and trans. and then years after that i finally cut my hair and then realized it was HIS hair. like. lol???

it's almost over guys we almost made it through. times like these make me want to vaguepost and write incomprehensible poetry

i've been on a minecraft skin kick so i added a skin gallery to fun. both the link to the skin gallery kinda look like ass atm. its ok im allowed to suck at web design this is my website...

i hate christmas shopping...

i wanna get more involved in oldweb/neocities stuff, so i finally decided to make a button! add me to yuor site if u want to . or dont ! that's the beauty of choice. i will ... EVENTUALLY start adding site buttons somehwhere either in LINKS or FUN. im lazy so that'll prolly take a while. it will be done at some point ! im also working on the first part of the mindverse catalog project too , so . hopefully i can start doing that.

i need to add something to this site to recognize how based hylics is. unsure how to do that... i'll figure something out...

i've been feeling so emotionally compromised lately. it's absurd... I need to get my life together, I think. I shed real tears at work. REAL TEARS! not that anyone saw, but it was just so... stupidly stupid. it's like getting hit with a baseball bat, a sudden flurry of feeling, and then it's gone again. it's so unpredictable. i don't know how to cope with any of this. i'm too unaware of my own feelings. sighs. these updates tend to be sad, i think, and i'm sorry about that. i'm planning on adding new music and more resources tonight, we'll see.

oc index page up! no ocs though, just the gateway into an oc world...

added so many resources/fun sites... i'm proud of myself...

i'm unsure whether to write an essay or write poetry on my feelings. both feel entitled. though, i feel better expressing myself here. i'm not forcing anyone to look at me, unlike a social media post where it appears on your timeline whether you care or not. here is my personal stage, and i can air grievances, wax poetic, do whatever i want, and the guilt of taking up space is eased.


i'm starting to suspect i'm aplatonic. i just found out about platonic attraction and i'm so confused... i vaguely knew squishes were a thing, but because the word "crush" was used in the definition, i just thought being aromantic meant i couldn't feel it (despite it being an AROMANTIC TERM). being asexual? fine. aromantic? it's touchy for me. aplatonic on top of all of that? every day i discover i'm more and more robotic --- except in the ways i actually want to be a robot. i'll look into it further, but just like when i found the term "aromantic", this strongly (uncomfortably) resonates within me. sighs...

i don't know if i'll ever be able to capture my feelings in words or pictures, but i can try at least. i think we all have these devastated pieces of ourselves that we want to share through means we are comfortable with. i'd like to be good someday.

old music html done. not that that's much of an achievement or anything, teehee. just wait till i start whipping out the esoteric and experimental music :3

fun page "done"! i didn't have anything on it to begin with so. so... at least there's something there now...

no longer do you have to go between my resources! they are are on one handy page thanks to the power of CSS! hooray !... now i just need to add all the resources i've been collecting in the meantime... ugh. i'm lazy. i'll update them later... but still, check it out! very snazzy :3

got the writing main page done.... still haven't done the SGU page though. sighs. not sure how to make it look based and cool yet... i'll figure it out. oh well.

this layout is way more based, huh? more cool even? i'll slowly update all the other pages :3

site to-do list

  • add alt text to pics w words
  • make/finish remaining pages
    • minecraft skins
    • graphics page
    • moar ocs
  • finish freemanverse "wiki"
  • make my first shrine
  • mindverse proj
  • make tutorials?
  • mindscape art proj
  • iframes in writing