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welcome to anmat's anomalous person archive.

The aftermath of the resonance cascade...

...has left the world in an odd state. Parallel universes are real. Our theories about our existence and the known universe have been shattered; we are left to pick up the pieces. Since our focus of study is anomalous materials, one may argue that the files stored in this database don't align with our mission.

We are scientists. The world is anomalous. Semantics are trivial.

It began with our resident Dr. Freeman; his (and his parallel counterparts') proximity to the cascade has put him in the center of all this. It may revolve around him, but it does not end with him. There are many, many strange people that have been cataloged. There doesn't seem to be reason behind who is deemed "important" or why — I have spent countless hours mulling over statistics in a fruitless attempt to understand some divine algorithm. Maybe there is none, or maybe we are oblivious. As scientists, it's our job to find out.

Welcome to our archives.

anper archivist dr. ████████