you like freemanverse? i like freemanverse too... let's talk about freemanverse

IMPORTANT: these are headcanons/my interpretations/whatever whatever, i am by no means an authority on all things gordon freeman. i just ddidnt wanna makea reference sheet cause i;m lazy...

Gordon Freeman he/him

Patient. Forward. Loves bugs, aliens. Scientific. Not very emotive. Burden bearer with a surprisingly cruel streak. Slightly unhinged, but the most mentally stable Freeman. Nerdy dork.

Gordon Freemind he/him

Self-absorbed smartass dickwad. Neurotic and paranoid. Sarcastic argumentative asshole. Drug addict and drunkard. Geeky dork. Loves pirates. Multilingual. Cringefail loser.

"Martini" Feetman he/him

Argumentative with anarchist tendancies. Stubborn and pretty high-strung, but has a good heart. Frustrated easily. Divorced. Has a kid, Joshua. Likes video games. Dorky geek.

Gorgeous Freeman any prns

Utterly irresistable. Everybody wants him. Bullet-proof and super powerful. Unkillable. More stupid than flirty. Himbo, except she's also a fucking asshole. wine aunt. BEST AUNT.

Cicero Fryman he/they

Silly as fuck. No one knows what the fuck he's saying ever. Something something fish and weddings. Kind and energetic. Hopeless romantic. Pityable. The language barrier frustrates them.

Gordon Freerun he/him

Caffiene fiend. Don't fuck with him. Runs/bunnyhops everywhere. Talks very quickly. Does cocaine. Can't sit still. Annoyingly cheerful. Extremely impatient. Loves Sonic.

Gordon Freebine he/it

Gordon Freeman except old and combine. Despondant, unempathetic, amoral. Kills without hesitation. Stares with his big ole eyes. There's something sad and lonely about it.

Gordon Freecat he/him

Biggest asshole on the fucking planet. We do a little trolling. Amoral, but only if it's funny. Does not give a shit. Has no qualms with murder. Silly. Can be reasoned with. Smart and sly.

Gee-man he/they/it

Mysterious. Good? Bad? Who knows. Chronic lurker and stalker. "Accidentally" jumpscares people. Can play the piano. Micromanager. Collects entities in his briefcase.

Info_Player_Start it/its

It has a hard time grasping the grays of reality. Highly unstable form. Can phase through matter. Not unfeeling, but alien to humanity. Likes MIDI songs. i love my puter my friend in it..